Statement of Purpose

The Christian Biblical Church of God strives to teach the truth of the Bible—including personal adherence to God's commandments. Our “formula” is simple: Love God, keep His commandments, and teach the truth of the Word of God—and always allow Scripture to interpret Scripture.

Here are the fundamental truths we teach:

If you will thoroughly investigate our Web sites, you will also discover that:

Sadly, many in today's society do not like our approach, especially our conviction that God's commandments are binding on Christians today. Whether they are steeped in secular humanism, ensnared by religious tradition and mythical teachings, or deceived by outright lies, they have one thing in common: they apparently hate the truth. Thus, they continuously attack the Word of God and denigrate those who teach biblical truths. Unfortunately, their antagonism renders them both unwilling and unable to actually prove the truth.

The teachings of the CBCG are transparent. If one desires to know what we believe and teach, you are invited to thoroughly examine our Web sites. May God the Father and Jesus Christ guide you in your sincere search for the truth!