Sandra / Canada

I would like to thank you and the church members for makeing it possible to read the beautiful books you make available. A while back I received the cd package on the seven spirits of God and the book the life of Jesus Christ. I was thrilled to listen to the seven spirits. I have never heard this before. it was truly amazing. I have only recently started reading the life of Jesus Christ and have a lot to cover yet. Thank You.

L.C / Ohio

THANK YOU for all the wonderful materials you have send us. We love your web site, too… Thank you once again, Fred Coulter. Keep up the great work. May God be with you.

Joanna / Washington State

I have just finished reading "The Appointed Times...." What a wonderful book full of important information all in one. It really helped me to understand more clearly many things and brought them all together in a way to keep them more clearly in my mind

Thank you so very much for all of your material. You are an excellent teacher.

D&J.M / Missouri

Thanks so much for all the work you do in getting God's Word out to the world! I'm so thankful that [I was] told me about your Web sites! I feel very blessed that God had answered my prayer and fervent plea for help! …when something is true and right, it all makes sense...and IT DOES!! …LOVE YOUR WORKS!!

C.E. / Kentucky

I just wanted to write to you to say Thank-You!! Thank you for all the hard work, time, effort and dedication to preaching Gods Word. Plus let me say that my husband and I deeply appreciate the monthly CD's and letters that come.

There are truly no words that I can convey that would do justice in thanking God for such a wonderful blessing and for showing you the need for CD's, Booklets, and Instructions for those who are no longer are able to attend church, shut ins, or have given up on "organized religion".

Thank God I do for all of you, please continue to remember so many who are sick and afflicted. May our Father in heaven bless and reward each one of you for your continual service. With hearfelt thanks

Book Review from the blog "It's Not What You Perceive"

I’ve just completed one of the most fulfilling reads in years. In his comprehensive but unencumbered, pleasant to read assessments of modern-day holidays and God’s designated holy days, Fred R. Coulter provides both the uninitiated and the veteran apostolic believer with more than enough to ponder for years to come. “Occult Holidays or God’s Holy Days-Which?” takes the reader on a well researched history-based tour of modern-day holidays. Without judging the reader he lays out for him or her in first half of the book the facts (most of the facts well established and known by most) as they relate to the pagan origins of most of our modern-day holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. The connection that most of these holidays have to the established church of the 4th century and beyond is troubling. The widespread acceptance of these occult-based holidays are the result of centuries of bait-and-switch tactics imposed on the church that has led to many of these holidays seeming to most innocent and even attractive.

After presenting the facts Coulter then presents for the readers’ consideration the facts as it relates to the expectations Yehovah has for His people. Additionally, he provides at the end of the book a series of appendices that provide equally well researched background information for those readers desiring in-depth instruction on selected topics such as the Eucharist, the papal influences over many christian doctrines, and an explanation of the Apostle Paul’s controversial writings.
The second half of the book focuses on the biblically based holidays that were introduced and practiced by the children of Israel during the time of Moses and just prior to the Babylonian captivity. Coulter approaches the explanation of these holy days from a dual perspective of the written law and the ultimate explanation of the plan of salvation and Yehovah’s plan for all of mankind. The complexity of this topic is made understandable and is presented within the most positive light.

If you read only one book in 2013, I would highly suggest you get this book. Here’s the good news: the book is about 350 pages and it costs you the reader NOTHING to obtain! That’s right. Fred Coulter’s organization foots the bill.

Name withheld / Africa

I was navigating to look for people of God to help me to solve a problem I have two years ago. I am muslim but I felt that I must accept Jesus as my Savior. So far no one has helped me clear that issue. This site comes as the long-awaited answer.

Terry / Ohio

Thank you for Church at Home. Your messages have opened my eyes to false teachings of mainline churches. Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you

Guy / Belgium

There are now over five years that you are my spiritual teacher and I think I've probably listened to all the sermons on the site. There is almost a year since I retired and it allows me to study the word of God when I want. The biggest blessing I've had in recent years is that God guided me to CBCG.org. I pray everyday that God continues to inspire you and keep you in good health and a long life. You are my only spring of fellowship I have with brothers in Christ. I send my greetings from Oversee to all of you. With brotherly love.

Laila / Washington State

Fred, thank you for the series you are doing on grace. I know I have not understood under law and under grace in the past, until you have recently explained them. It seems like I am beginning to understand them for the first time and am excited to hear more about the grace of God.

I remember in WCG one family left because they didn't feel there was any love in the brethren and that it wasn't being taught. You are right that ministers were afraid to teach grace and love. Maybe they didn't understand it. We were taught plenty about law but not about love and grace.

Thank you so much for what you are teaching. May God continue to inspire you and lead you and may there be spiritual healing throughout all the Church.

A writer from Croatia

The Bible In Its Original Order is an excellent! Informative, well laid out, with lots of additional information about Christian doctrine and faith.

It is different from the Catholic Bible that I have. My English language is problem, but I will practice translating verses and Bible interpretation. It is far more than I was expecting. How can I repay you for that package?

Who would not love this Bible? Is readable, the letters are large and easy to read, verses are review, fine Bible paper, cover for a comfortable grip, flexible, one word: perfect. For the translation I will see when we started studying. We have the KJV translation, but it is very incomprehensible.

Thank you very much.

God Bless You!

Robert / Maine

Thank you so much for your wonderful books and cds. I am learning so much and am so impressed with the scholarship in your publications. Thank you with a truely grateful heart and mind.

Robin / Califonia

THANK YOU SOOOOO much for that Beutiffffulllll, Beautiful Bible. I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with it !!! I am staying at the San Diego Rescue Mission downtown San Diego, CA There are around 278 people here at the Men's facility this is a Christian based program, Jesus has put it upon my heart to share your writings (books) with others here including some staff hear are amazed...TRULY AMAZED with the accuracy of your writings and GET THIS! Even the Sunday keepers are now having seen the truth and are starting to realize now that Sunday is NOT the true day of WORSHIP....They are agreeing that Saturday "The Sabbath" is the true day of worship. Those books you have been sending me are opening a lot of peoples eyes, I can take no credit for this but give GOD the GLORY. Let his lamp so shine in our lives Amen. I can't thank Him enough for all the blessings that God has put upon your heart. God is truly Blessing you and we want more. Love you my Brother God Bless you'' your student and deacon and friend for life.

Katherine / North Carolina

Hello. I have heard good things about your calendar information. This has become a topic of conversation several times and a friend has been studying about it. So I have decided to bite the bullet, get rid of my fears and anxieties, and request the information packed about the Biblical calendar. Thanks so much for all of the work which is being done through Christian Biblical. We have benefited from it immensely.